Areas of Expertise

UAE Company Formations

We are experienced in setting up all types of off shore (free zones) and onshore in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah), de-registering companies, license renewals, bank account opening and assistance with UAE residence visa applications.

Types of Companies – Commercial Limited Liability Companies, Professional Services Companies, Representative Offices, Branch of a UAE or international company, UAE Free Zones


Commercial Limited Liability Companies

This is the most popular corporate structure with foreign investors.  It may be formed by a minimum of two and no more than 50 shareholders.  The share split is 51/49% between the local partner and foreign investor.  There are presently no share capital requirements for forming a limited liability company.  All shares if subscribed to must be fully paid up at the time of incorporation.


Professional Service Companies

In various Emirates in the UAE, foreigners are permitted to open establishments in their own name to practice a service, their vocation or profession.  This is the most common form of civil entity used by foreigners.  These companies are ideal for foreigners and do not require a local partner.  There is nevertheless a requirement to appoint a local service agent who must be a UAE national who is paid a fixed fee or an agreed percentage of profits.  The service agent is not entitled to any other form of payment other than the fixed fee or agreed percentage of profits.  Where a local partner is involved in the business, it is acceptable and common practice for him to own 15-20% share in the business and the foreign partner owning the rest.  This option enables the parties to do away with having to appoint a local service agent.


Branch of a UAE or International Company

When foreigners set up a branch in the UAE, the branch will not have a separate legal identity from its parent. A UAE national or a wholly owned UAE company must be appointed as national service agent of the branch under written agreement and will act as a sponsor. National service agents are absolved from any liabilities to the foreign company and its branch.

Foreign companies are permitted to set up Representative offices to promote, advertise their products/services and to enter into contracts of sale, but not to deal in the direct sale of those products/services.


UAE Free Zones

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Fujairah
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Sharjah
  • Ajman


Business & Partnership Evaluations

We specialise in quality affordable business valuations. Our trusted methods give you a clear indication of what your business is worth, what it could be worth.

We can assist you by using processes and procedures to estimate the economic value of your interest in a business or the business as a whole for all business sales and disposals.

Whether you’re involved in an M&A transaction, raising capital to fund your growth, exiting your business or assessing how much your asset portfolio is worth or experiencing a conflictual hassle with your partners, we can help out.

1. M&A
2. Capital raising
3. Business Sale
4. Wealth Assessment
5. Partners Conflict
6. Fairness Opinion
7. Financial Due Diligence


Nominee Directorships

A nominee director is a person or company who agrees to act as a company’s director for the purpose of fulfilling the legal requirement to have a director and perhaps to protect the identities of the persons actually controlling the company.  The nominee director will have little or no involvement in the actual running of that business but share the same level of responsibilities as normal directors. Typically there is no shareholding requirement for the nominee director. The nominee director can only act or sign documents upon the client’s request and with the client’s prior approval. Our nominee directors are trustworthy and will work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

Introductions to Investors/ UAE Business Partners

We are able to arrange introductions to angel investors, crowd funding companies and venture capitalists and provide support throughout the process of seeking funding for your business. We also assist with engaging an Emirati sponsor, service agents and franchise agents.


Corporate Enterprise Risk Management

In today’s challenging global economy, business opportunities and risks are constantly changing.  There is a need to identify, assess and manage business risks. Creating an open risk awareness culture and risk management, responding to a changing business environment, reducing unacceptable business risks and enhancing corporate governance is key to the success of any business. We are able to assist in limiting /eliminating operational risks by conducting internal process reviews and providing advice on improvements that can be made to the way you conduct your business with customers and third parties to minimise business and financial risks.


UAE Market Research

The UAE is a very exciting place to be, to live, to amass vast amounts of wealth, it is the best region to build and grow a business and to be part of one of the most diverse multi-cultural communities in the world.  Setting up a business in the UAE it is important to know how business works in your market segment, consumers, competitors, local culture and business etiquette etc.  We will assist you to ensure you are prepared and your business succeeds.


Intellectual Property Rights Management

We are able to assist you in managing your intellectual property rights. The real value of an organization’s worth lies in the competitive advantage it has. Patents, copyrights, designs, trademarks, trade secrets and technical know-how constitute an important source of competitive advantage.  Intellectual rights management is the business processes of tracking intellectual property rights creation, licensing and usage.  We advise organisations and universities collaborating on research projects.



The franchising industry in the UAE and Middle East is currently valued at $30 billion and is growing annually at 27%. This market is largely dominated by American brands with a share of over 70%.  Growing franchise sectors include: fast food, retail fashion, apparel, laundry, dry cleaning, automotive, restaurant, mail and packing service, printing services and convenience stores.We offer together with our affiliated partners, practical and commercial orientated advice, guidance and assistance on running a franchise business in the UAE.  We are able to assist with evaluating franchise opportunities, setting up a franchise business in the UAE, and licensing, how it works, the relationship, ownership structures and types of franchises.