About Us

about-usWe are a niche consultations practice in Jumeriah Lake Towers Dubai. We are experienced in corporate and commercial matters in the UAE, Gulf, Far East, Europe and Africa.

We abide by high ethical codes, are transparent with our fees, provide accurate, practical and commercially orientated advice. We would rather tell the truth, than do something that’s ethically questionable, or legally borderline.

The global financial crisis still looms in several countries resulting in several businesses, large and small treading cautiously with their business expenses and budgets. We have observed this trend and reacted to it by introducing fixed fees for our services at competitive rates. This initiative has proven very attractive to our clients and we propose continuing this trend into 2013 and beyond.

Our Clients

Other clients are made up of multinationals, SME’s, startups, local and overseas companies (UAE, France, Spain, USA, India, UK) sports clubs and professional sports men.

Our clients have businesses in the following industries: information technology, transit emergency services, lingerie and ladies garments, audio, web, video and events conferencing, media and technology communications, printing, agency & distribution, marketing, international consulting and mining, professional training etc.